The scope of the NFTN is guided by the requirements of, and relevant to, the local cast metals industry. The key areas identified for support include:

  • Capacity building through optimization of the existing processes: such as reduction of scrap, energy efficiency, improved man-hours per ton, quality improvement and increased productivity initiatives.
  • Technical and Regulatory Support to Industry: assistance with environmental requirements in terms of foundry spent sand and air emissions, assistance on improving housekeeping and energy efficiency support.
  • Human Capital Development: such as skills training to employees, in-house training, artisan training and placement of interns.
  • Stakeholder Relations, Awareness Raising and Communications: facilitating cooperation between public and private stakeholders to address system level issues in order to improve the overall performance of the foundry industry.


  • Growth in core manufacturing
  • Economies of manufacturing scale
  • Cost competitive products
  • Engineering design and innovation
  • High volumes of locally cast products
  • Culture of continuous improvement
  • Upliftment of skills
  • Job retention and job creation
  • New enterprises
  • Export opportunities exploited