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Superior R&D facility on horizon for SA’s foundry industry

With a change and realignment of its business plan and strategy, government initiative the National Foundry Technology Network (NFTN) is currently in the process of developing its foundry research and innovation centre in South Africa.

“The primary focus of this foundry research and innovation centre is to establish a research and development platform to support the foundry industry because this is one of the facets of the industry that is most lacking. The realigned business plan seeks to create a physical space that offers equipment, labour, and industry support,” says NFTN Advanced Casting Technologies research group leader Sagren Govender.

He states that this initiative was also further motivated by the decline in the number of local foundries and the concern that has arisen since so many foundries have gone into business rescue. However, beyond research, development, and innovation, the centre also seeks to expand its offerings by providing manufacturing services, consulting services, and training services which are expected to greatly benefit the foundry industry.

The NFTN aims to establish its advisory forum so that it can cater to technology stations, tertiary education institutes, science councils, industry associations, and foundry companies by providing a core facility that houses equipment and operational staff.

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