Call for nominations: New Foundry Generation Forum 2017: Year 1

We are calling for nominations of candidates for the 2017, Year One (Y1) enrolment to the New Foundry Generation Forum (NFGF) programme.

The New Foundry Generation Forum (NFGF) was launched in 2013 to boost young leaders in the foundry industry and is a programme of the National Foundry Technology Network (NFTN), a proud initiative of the dti.

Aim of the NFGF                                                              

Through the NFGF, we aim to equip and develop the next generation of foundry leaders through the provision of a neutral platform where young professionals can network and engage with each other to address challenges faced within the industry. The intent of this programme is to equip and empower young leaders participating in the programme, and will expose them to front-end technologies and more importantly, to the logic around functional design that foundries worldwide are using to better understand and engage the needs of their customers. The NFGF will encourage and support young leaders as they work their way into foundry seniority, and assist participants to play a more defined and assertive role in driving towards a transformed and more competitive cast metals industry in South Africa.

Objectives of the NFGF

To present a series of courses, technology demonstrations and presentations of the latest equipment on the market in collaboration with key partners.

2017: Y1 intake – Orientation Event

The Orientation event of the New Foundry Generation Forum 2017 Y1 will be shared with the successful participants at a later date. The event is aimed at the decision-makers within foundries and at candidate participants.

We invite the decision makers to nominate potential candidates from their foundries for this forum taking the guidelines below into consideration. Please note that all members will be required to sign a Code of Ethics.

NFGF selection criteria

The NFGF will be targeted at a selected group of young leaders in the industry, selected by a committee. The forum will be by invitation only. The following criteria will guide the decision of the committee:

  • Young leaders with a relevant engineering degree or diploma OR
  • Exceptional cases where Foundry Decision makers have identified an outstanding individual that does not meet the minimum criteria shall also be considered
  • The candidate should be already employed in a management position or have the potential to move into a management position
  • Be in the age range of 25 – 45
  • Be keen and hungry to find answers and innovative ways to solve age old problems in the industry
  • Candidates will have to commit to at least a year’s participation with the written consent of their superiors.

The first series

The first series will deal with a Manufacturing Competitive Enhancement/Problem solving programme presented by the AIDC. This series aim to introduce various world class manufacturing systems whilst ensuring that these systems are applied within the respective companies of the attendees. The focus areas considered include initiatives geared at productivity, quality, and cost and delivery improvement.

A competition will be held and judged by an Awards Committee on the project submitted by the attendees after completion of the programme.

The FIVE day Manufacturing Competitive Enhancement/Problem solving programme will be presented over a THREE month period. FOUR of these days will be split into TWO sessions running during November and December 2017. In conclusion ONE day will be a report-back session for all participating companies held  at a date to be announced where participants will report on their individual projects and lessons learned. An awards ceremony and NFGF way forward feedback for 2017 will also take place on this day. Decision makers in the industry shall be invited to this day.

The NFTN believes that commitment must be shown by the participants and therefore propose that the sessions be held over Fridays and Saturdays. Other planned sessions will be looking at demonstrations of the latest technologies, strategic and management skills etc. The NFTN is committed to engage with relevant equipment and material suppliers in the industry, training institutions etc. You are invited to propose topics you believe are not being addressed in the industry at the moment. These courses will be presented at no cost to participants.

For more information contact Mr Gerald Mandla at 012 841 4001 or

Click here to submit your nomination of a 2017: Y1 candidate

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